Manage all your OA deals and APC payment just got easier with OaMetrix.

OaMetrix automates the entire APC workflows. It facilitates online payments, notifies authors of their APC eligibility, automatically sends payment reminders, provides comprehensive OA reporting etc.

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Manage your different OA deals with OaMetrix

OaMetrix allows publishers, institutions, funders and consortia to manage different types of OA deals.

Read & Publish

Read & Publish or Transformative OA deals are the outcome of complex negotations and can be challenging to manage.

OaMetrix provides granular level set up to make R&P deals easy for everyone.

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Keep track of your deposited funds, act on authors' APC requests and view full article metadata in one place.

OaMetrix easily manages your pre-payment OA activites.

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Credit deal

Some institutions may prefer credit deals to ease their administrative tasks for individual invoices.

OaMetrix provides a full view of credit deals activities and comprehensive reporting.

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No OA deal, no worries!

Institutions and authors can pay directly online

With OaMetrix, institutions and individual authors are able to pay the APC fee to make articles Open Access, via our secure online payment system, even if no OA deal is in place.

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Overview of accepted manuscripts and OA activites.

With OaMetrix, publishers, institutions and funders easily keep track of acccepteds aritlces and their Open Access activities.

OA agreements

Manage OA agreements with multiple publishers and institutions.

A single online platform to create and manage the entirety of open access prepayment deals between publishers, universities and funders.

Funding request

OaMetrix simplifies authors' funding requests.

OaMetrix has been designed to make the Open Access funding request process easier and quicker for authors.


One click reports.

OaMetrix provides readymade and comprehensive downloadable reports and visual charts for publishers, institutions and funders.

Who is OaMetrix for?


OaMetrix gives institutional users an overview of the accepted manuscripts and helps them to effectively manage Open Access publications.

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Publishers can easily view accepted manuscripts from different institutions and get detailed sales data to prioritise their OA activities.

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Researchers can easily request APC funding from their affiliated institution or funder, keep track of their previous requests and decisions.

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OaMetrix gives funders an overview of all funded research papers which have been accepted with multiple publishers.

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