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Take control of your entire OA activities with OaMetrix.

A basic in-house system is not enough to manage entire OA workflows. Whether you're a large or small publisher, OaMetrix is custom-built to adapts with your specific needs with the most intuitive, reliable, and scalable solution available in the publishing industry.

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Effortlessly sell, manage, analyse, and expand your Open Access activities with the industry-leading platform, OaMetrix.

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Efficient OA workflows that work for you and your customers

OaMetrix adapts to your specific OA workflow, which saves time and money for you, and most importantly, your customers.

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Less manual work. More time for OA strategy.

Payment reminders

Auto payment reminders help publishers to collect APC payment faster without any manual work.

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Generate invoices

Self service APC invoice allows faster payment process and reduces number of individual queries.

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Email customisation

Ready-made and customisable email notification templates for individual and batch correspondence.

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Payment reminders

Collect APC payment faster without any manual work.

Publishers manually check hundreds of invoices and contact authors or universities to request APC payment. This takes a lot of time and effort. With OaMetrix, you can set up auto payment reminders. Our system will automatically check and remind authors or institutions to settle the payment.

Use ready-made templates or customise for your emails

Publishers can use ready-made email templates or create customise emails by publications, institutions, funder, OA deal types and many more...

Self-service invoice

Self service invoice saves your valuable time

Publishers and their customers spent a lot of time corresponding for the invoice. But, with OaMetrix authors or institutions can generate their invoice. They would be able to apply their tokens, sign the license and generate an invoice. OaMetrix will cleverly calculate the VAT/TAX based on customers location and set by the publishers.