01. How do I and my colleague get an admin login?

When onboarding a publisher, we will create a publisher super admin login. Publisher super admins are able to create another admin for their colleagues with various permission.

02. We have different agreements i.e. Pre-payment membership, Read & Publish transformative deal with different institutions. Can I keep track of all these deals on OaMetrix?

Yes, OaMetrix is able to facilitate and manage all these deals for books and journals on one platform.

03. How long does it take to setup OaMetrix for a publisher?

Our aim is build OaMetrix a way that publishers can setup their access by clicks. Setup depends on several external matters i.e. submission system providers, your current workflow, payment provider, availability of some other information. At the this stage, we take around 15 days to one month to set up. However, this will reduce to 7 days very soon.

04. How do you charge?

We charge a small percentage of APC. Our philosophy is provide high quality services with much low cost. Please contact for pricing information.

05. Is there any setup or annual fee apart of transaction fee?

No, there is neither setup nor annual fee. Our pricing stright, publishers will only if any articles approved for Open Access and publishers earned a revenue.